Spruced up, with refreshed menus and different faces at the helm, three of the town’s top restaurants offer a new look this season.

Cindy Marriott’s exciting new brand – NZ Farm Girl - is as homegrown as it gets, hailing from Tinui, deep in the Wairarapa countryside.

One of the Wairarapa’s oldest pubs is back in business with a new team at the helm.

The expression ‘patience is a virtue’ comes to mind when looking at the miniature works of Nancy Graham along with the delicate works of Ann Parker and the Lansdowne lacemakers.

Carl and Toni of Country Life Furniture are pleased to introduce Kate Garrett as their new Curtain/Design consultant.

The world of open source “making” has arrived in the Wairarapa in the form of a high-tech laboratory designed to turn people’s ideas into real objects.

An olive tree on a bare section in Plimmerton was the unlikely inspiration for executive coach and mentor Mena Antonio to live in Wairarapa.

Ask Raewyn Wilson why she decided to become a Bach Flower practitioner and there’s no hesitation – “I wanted to help people get the benefits that I did when I was suffering.” Now she is busy doing just that from her renovated villa in Greytown.

A shop, gallery, workshop centre and music venue, Ventana Creative Collective aims at becoming Martinborough’s creative heart.

The success of Toi Wairarapa’s new base in Carterton’s High Street has only just begun, according to the Trust’s enthusiastic chair, Greg Lang.

Part of the joy of living in small town New Zealand is not only the friendly open nature of its people but their propensity to be resourceful, collaborative and supportive. The Wairarapa Farmers’ Market benefits from such members who are diverse and willing to go the extra mile.

Gather some friends for a magical Christmas Weekend in the Wairarapa Countryside, 5-6 November. Inside each of us is a little memory of the magic of Christmas.