Each year Masterton takes centre stage when it hosts the Golden Shears, the world’s premier sheep shearing and woolhandling championship. Over three days of high level competition, the Golden Shears attracts both national and international competitors.

March 2nd – 4th

It’s an exciting event, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats until the last bit of fleece is swept away. 

The event encompasses novice, junior, intermediate, senior and open grades with competition fierce throughout. For the shearers, the wool handlers and wool pressers, the dreams are still the same as those pioneers from the inaugural event held in 1961 – to strive, compete fairly, win your grade and become supreme champion. 

As in 2016, 2017’s event is to be streamed live with high definition on Golden Shears TV, on YouTube. It’s a great way to view the action if you can’t be there.

Whilst in town it’s a great chance to visit The National Museum of Sheep and Shearing on Dixon St. It offers visitors a realistic look into an important part of New Zealand’s pioneering history tracing sheep farming in this country and offering a taste of what a shearer’s life in the 19th and 20th centuries would’ve been like. It also tracks how shearing has evolved into an international sport and our top shearers into elite athletes.