As the only upcycled Fashion Awards event in New Zealand, the goal of The Oversew campaign is to promote upcycled fashion with zero wastage. It celebrates talented, aspiring designers who recreate, revamp and redesign pre-loved clothing into sustainable fashion garments.

The Awards are open to absolutely anyone – male and female, the general public, designers, fashion industry workers and students. Outfits must be wearable fashion and not art or costume. Challenging, ambitious and innovative the Awards show is not about wearable art – it is about trending wearable fashion.

Entrants come from all walks of life – home sewers, some employed within the fashion industry, small ‘own label designers’, high school and tertiary students studying design (or not), basically anyone who is passionate about fashion and/or reducing fashion/textile waste. Upcycling is a challenging concept, allowing innovative and ambitious creative licence to take hold.

The entries are judged on innovation and originality, cut and finish, compatibility of fabric and design, fashion trend and design expressed, total look and effort.

Educating the public is also a priority so showcasing what can be done is a great way of teaching and involving everyone. Some Secondary Schools have included entry to the show as part of their NZCEA curriculum. 

The concept of The Oversew Fashion Awards was born out of a small, local event called ‘Revamped Glamour’ where a group of talented craftspeople and designers took pre-loved clothing and redesigned it into fashionable, quality garments. These garments were then featured in a fashion show and offered for sale afterwards. It seeded the idea that there was demand for a larger, more widely promoted event which endorsed ‘upcycled’ fashion by recognising talented, aspiring designers who redesign pre-loved clothing into sustainable fashion garments.

Husband and wife team Mick Campbell and Robyn Cherry-Campbell are the main driving force behind the 2017 Oversew Fashion Awards, with good friends Vicki and Ross Waller ably assisting ‘team Oversew’. 

The first Oversew Fashion Awards was held in Carterton, in August 2012.  It was a sell-out event with entrants predominantly from the Wairarapa and Wellington region. The Awards have continued to grow each year, with entries received from all over NZ as well as Australia, France, England and America to date.

The Oversew Fashion Awards were very proud finalists in the ‘Cadence Communications Communicating Sustainability’ category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards. 

The Awards has been launched for 2017, under the Banner “Time for Change”, #ReuseYourFashion, #ReThinkYourFashion, #OversewFashion and hope to encourage budding fashionista’s, sewers, designers, dressmakers and students to take the challenge and upcycle clothes as part of their fashion journey.

The Categories for this year’s Awards are:

  • Menswear
  • Street/Daywear
  • Haute Couture/High-end Fashion
  • Mini Collection (2 - 4 outfits)

The Awards themselves are a celebration of the creativity and boldness of designer’s who can take something pre-loved and create a continuing story about the life of that design.




2016 Young Designer Winner "Well Suited"


2016 'Fireworx' Category Winner - "Ruby"


2016 ‘Hot Night in the City’ Category & Overall Winner - “Serge de Nimes”