An endless quest for sourcing fabrics and objects has led to the opening of Jet in Greytown.

“I’m a very, very enthusiastic collector,” says Jet curator and owner Victoria Moss.

“I love exploring for objects that are crafted and well made, nostalgic, enduring and beautiful, so the store contains a miscellany of all those things. It’s wonderful to support people making beautiful new products that have real integrity, and exciting to discover something old that works in a modern space."

The store has given Victoria an opportunity to unpack boxes that she’s had in storage for years.

“I was the worst backpacker ever – collecting up books and fabrics, stationery and paper, ceramics and wooden furniture at every stop. I've bought manufacturers’ samples and ends of lines even when I didn’t have an outlet to sell them from. I’ve probably been into every op shop in the country to fossick through boxes of stuff covered in dust and mothballs. Then I got into patchwork using the skills that Mum and Nana taught me and I wanted access to fabrics that weren’t available in New Zealand, so I started importing entire bolts of amazing designs.

The store is becoming a regular haunt for people who enjoy the inspiration of its dazzling wall of fabrics. Every month Jet takes on a new themed story with merchandise, palette and displays curated to suit.

“Jet is more like a studio than a shop. It is all about inspiring people to be creative and bring their own individual style to their interior spaces."

Jet, 130 Main Street, Greytown Ph: 0274 200 711 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.